The ACCU Conference is the annual conference of the ACCU membership, but is open to any and all who wish to attend. The tagline for the ACCU is "Professionalism in Programming", which captures the whole spectrum of programming languages, tools, techniques and processes involved in advancing our craft. While there remains a core of C and C++ - with many members participating in respective ISO standards bodies - the conference, like the organisation, embraces other language ecosystems and you should expect to see sessions on C#, D, F#, Go, Javascript, Haskell, Java, Kotlin, Lisp, Python, Ruby, Rust, Swift and more. There are always sessions on TDD, BDD, and how to do programming right.

The ACCU Conference is a conference by programmers for programmers about programming.

At its core the ACCU Conference is about developers who want to share their experience through presentations and interactive workshops with other developers. To reach as many as possible we plan, again, to run a hybrid conference in 2024. All sessions will be onsite at our venue in Bristol. but most will be live streamed for remote attendees.

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speakers for 2024 are:

Herb Sutter is an author and speaker, chair of the ISO C++ standards committee, and a programming language architect at Microsoft.

Björn Fahller is the creator of popular open source C++ libraries: Trompeloeil for mocking and strong_type for type safety.

Laura Savino is a Photoshop engineer, globally recognized tech speaker, and expert in developer communications.

Inbal Levi is chair of the Library Evolution Working Group and director at ISO C++ and Boost Foundations with an interest in code readability, compilers, language, and software design.


The ACCU Conference is, once again, hosted at the Delta Hotels by Bristol Marriott, City Centre in Bristol, UK. Located in the city centre, close to shopping centres, main attractions and key transportation hubs the Bristol Marriott is renowned as one of the largest conference centres in South-West England.


Accommodation can be reserved at a special rate from the conference block on registration, or can be booked directly with the venue hotel or other hotels in the area.

The ACCU conference is run by Shaved Yaks Events in partnership with the ACCU Conference Committee.