Welcome back to Bloomberg, our Headline sponsor, for 2024

17th April 2024 at 14:19

Once again Bloomberg are joining us, this week, as Headline sponsor. Bloomberg have been exceptionally supportive of our community for many years, now, and are continuing the tradition.

Their booth with a Bloomberg terminal has become a fixture and is back again, this year. Do stop by for a chat.

Here's a message from them:

Bloomberg is building the world's most trusted information network for financial professionals. Our 9,000+ engineers are dedicated to advancing and building new systems for the Bloomberg Terminal and other products to solve complex, real-world problems.

C++ is one of our core programming languages. We are constantly pushing the language to its limits because our code needs to be scalable, reliable, and extremely fast — especially since every microsecond counts in the finance industry. Our C++ experts build everything from low-level libraries and components to some of the most performant financial applications, analytics, and trading systems in the world. They also contribute to the C++ Standards Committee (WG21). Learn more at TechAtBloomberg.com/cplusplus.

Attend ACCU 2024 Online

22nd March 2024 at 18:57

This year we have partnered with Digital Medium to offer an online conference experience for ACCU 2024. What does that look like?

Well, first we will stream all in-person sessions live, so you can attend at the same time as in-person attendees, as well as other online attendees. We have a conference Discord where discussion on the sessions can happen in dedicated channels, so you'll feel connected to other attendees - whether in-person or online. And you won't even get to miss the venue as it has been digitally recreated in Gather, so you can walk the halls, interact with other attendees through proximity based video chats, and even visit sponsor booths.

See the dedicated online conference sub-site for more details.

Lightning Talks

One of the highlights of the ACCU conference are the three evening lightning talk sessions, where any attendee can deliver a five minute talk. That includes online attendees! Lightning talks will be arranged during the week of the event, but get thinking about what you might want to present now!

Open Content and Online Posters

During the dinner entertainment, ACCU 2017

Exclusive to the online conference we're offering Open Content sessions, where participants can present extra content without going through the call for speakers, and the facility to showcase and present online posters.

Cost effective

For most of us being at the venue in-person offers the most immersive experience, but during the pandemic we were forced to learn how to run compelling online experiences that bring as much of the in-person experience as we can, while also embracing the best of what it means to be online.

So if you're unable to make it to Bristol physically our online event is a great way to still join us!

It's also considerably cheaper, so may also be an option if you are not able to afford a full, in-person, ticket (or the cost of travel and accommodation). Starting at £180 (inc. VAT) for ACCU members (£90 for students) this is our cheapest ticket!


In addition to all the above benefits, the online ticket gives you access to the on-demand recordings of the sessions shortly after they are recorded! These are unedited archives of what was streamed live, but will continue to be available until the edited productions are uploaded to YouTube - usually a month or more after the conference has ended.

So whatever your reasons and whatever you are looking to get out of it, get your online tickets, today.

A (low-cost) conference within a conference - for those just starting out

21st March 2024 at 09:51

The ACCU Conference is an awesome way to keep your skills and knowledge sharp and up-to-date - for developers at all stages of their careers. For those just starting out it might seem like an overwhelming investment! While we do have very affordable student pricing those in the first years of their career lose out on that but may still not yet be able to afford full price.

So for a few years now Gail Ollis has been running what she calls a "mini-conference within a conference" especially tailored to students and those early in their careers. Positioned as a one-day, pre-conference, workshop, it is cheaper than the other workshops (£144, or £90 for students), and the conference overall and incorporates talks from experienced speakers covering content that is cherry-picked to cover the most important technical advice that you likely need right now. There is even a lightning talk session at the end that you can take part in, if you choose.

So if you've always wondered what these big conference are like but not been able to afford to go, or feel like the content might be too much - this is exactly what you have been looking for!

You can also catch Gail talking about this workshop and more on episode 378 of CppCast.

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