Announcing the full ACCU 2024 schedule

3rd March 2024 at 16:59

A little later than expected, due to some logistical issues, but we can now finally announce the full schedule for the 2024 ACCU Conference - and it's going to be awesome!

Head on over to the schedule page for the high level schedule, and click through for the details.

As well as our two 2-day and three 1-day workshops, four keynotes and three lightning talk sessions we have 54 presentations for you!

And don't forgot the legendary conference dinner on Friday evening! With speakers our guests of honour this is a great chance to spend time with them - as well as other attendees - while being entertained and served delicious food.

Don't forget, ACCU members get cheaper rates - so if you're not already a member then sign up today.

Because of the delays in getting the schedule ready we have kept Early Bird rates open longer. But this will now finish on Wednesday 6th March - so hurry if you want to get the best prices!

Safety and Inclusion

Because we want our conference to be a safe space and as welcoming and inclusive as possible we have formed a dedicated team to help us with this, and created a page to go into more detail. If you have any questions or concerns please use the email address found on that page, or speak to any member of staff at the event.