The ACCU Conference follows the ACCU Code of Conduct at all times. That page also lays out the process for reporting and responding to incidents that may be covered by the Code of Conduct.

The aim of this code is to ensure that every event is a safe and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds.

While the code, and the guidelines, are primarily concerned with incidents that occur during (or immediately around) ACCU events, it may be necessary to consider historical incidents, including at other events, involving people who may be present at ACCU events and might pose a risk to the safety of other participants.

In considering such cases care must be taken to be balanced, proportionate and considerate of jurisdiction. The safety of attendees is of primary importance. Where that safety is considered to be at risk then any individuals responsible will have restrictions imposed, including being prohibited from attending in any form.

But permanent exclusion is rarely proportionate. So we are also guided by the principles of restorative justice. We value the principles of healing and resolution of issues through dialogue. Should such issues arise, we are dedicated to facilitating the process with the parties involved and to help the parties to understand the impact of their actions. We encourage the parties to take responsibility for those actions and to engage in communication to resolve differences. Our goal is to empower our community to become a space where everyone can participate without the fear of being discriminated or offended.


We are committed to being transparent in our handling of any incidents related to ACCU events. This includes publishing transparency reports summarising any incidents reported, along with actions taken. That transparency is necessarily limited by the rights to privacy of those involved (so names or other identifying aspects are removed or redacted).

In our dealings we may also be exposed to information of a sensitive nature, subject to non-disclosure agreements or other legal protections. These will also necessarily limit details that can be shared.

Sometimes such limitations may cause frustration when important details cannot be shared publicly. Such frustrations have a tendency to escalate when expressed in public forums. We urge anyone with concerns or frustrations regarding any decision or communication made by the Safety and Inclusion team to please reach out to us.

The Team

Our Safety and Inclusion team consists of the following:

Nara Morrison - team lead
With a background in HR and counselling, Nara is an independent Code of Conduct lead for a number of conferences
Colleen Passard - consultant
Colleen specialises in conflict resolution and mediation, facilitated dialog and restorative justice

To reach the team please use the dedicated email address: