A (low-cost) conference within a conference - for those just starting out

21st March 2024 at 09:51

The ACCU Conference is an awesome way to keep your skills and knowledge sharp and up-to-date - for developers at all stages of their careers. For those just starting out it might seem like an overwhelming investment! While we do have very affordable student pricing those in the first years of their career lose out on that but may still not yet be able to afford full price.

So for a few years now Gail Ollis has been running what she calls a "mini-conference within a conference" especially tailored to students and those early in their careers. Positioned as a one-day, pre-conference, workshop, it is cheaper than the other workshops (£144, or £90 for students), and the conference overall and incorporates talks from experienced speakers covering content that is cherry-picked to cover the most important technical advice that you likely need right now. There is even a lightning talk session at the end that you can take part in, if you choose.

So if you've always wondered what these big conference are like but not been able to afford to go, or feel like the content might be too much - this is exactly what you have been looking for!

You can also catch Gail talking about this workshop and more on episode 378 of CppCast.