The ACCU 2024 Conference Call for Speakers runs until midnight (GMT) 17th November 2023.

So you'd like to present at the ACCU Conference? Great! We look forward to and welcome submissions from everyone, including those who might otherwise feel excluded.

The conference will run from 17th - 20th April 2024, with pre-conference workshops days on the 15th and 16th.

As usual, the main conference will mostly feature 90 minute presentations and workshops, with a few 20 minute slots available, too. Lightning talks will run on several evenings, but will be organised closer to and during the event.

The workshop days are ticketed separately, so one and two day workshop instructors will get a share of the revenue.

What should I present on?

We are interested in submissions on all sorts of programming topics - potentially in any programming language. C ands C++ are well represented, C#, D, F#, Go, Javascript, Haskell, Java, Kotlin, Lisp, Python, Ruby, Rust, Swift and more - sometimes several at once!

We also value submissions on the process of writing software, whether that's agile practices, productivity hacks, how to work with people - if it feeds into the idea of "professionalism in programming" then it's probably on topic.

Who should present?

We want to put on the best conference possible. We believe that this means hearing from voices from different backgrounds and experience levels. As part of this commitment, the main round of submission reviews is anonymised (so please try to avoid including personally identifiable words or phrases in your title, abstract and outline).

We'd also like to make especially clear that people from all backgrounds - minorities or otherwise - are not only welcome, but we will do whatever we can to actively support you. If you have any questions or concerns about this, always feel free to contact us.

How long do I have?

The Call For Speakers will remain open until midnight (GMT) on 17th November 2023. But don't wait until then! Those last-minute, rushed, submissions are never as good as those you have set aside the time, early on, to do properly. The conference programme committee will begin the first round of reviews before the call even closes - so another advantage to submitting early is you get fresher reviewers!

Benefits - for 90 minute speakers

  • Full access to the main conference days. (Note that, because full-day workshops are ticketed separately, and profit is shared with the instructors, these are not included in the free entry package)
  • Complimentary "timeshift" access to the videos of sessions shortly after they finish.
  • Up to three night's accommodation, including breakfast, at the conference hotel. Long haul travellers may request an additional free night. If you wish to extend your stay you may do so at your own (or your company's) expense.
  • If your accommodation expenses can be covered by your employer we will gladly display the company logo on the conference website as a sponsor, with a link to a url of your choice.
  • One ticket for the conference dinner

PLEASE NOTE this year we will not be covering travel expenses. Instead we are offering additional hotel nights.

Benefits - for workshop day instructors

  • Instructors will receive 40% of the (pre-VAT) sales for their workshops
  • One night's accommodation is covered. If an instructor is also presenting a 90 minute conference session then up to four nights accommodation can be covered.
  • Workshop instructors who are not speaking at the main conference receive a 50% discount on a conference ticket.

Benefits - for 20 minute speakers

20 minute speakers (who are not also 90 minute speakers) receive a 50% discount on the price a full conference ticket, or free entry on the day of their talk.

Submit your ideas here

Please use our Speaker Portal to submit and manage your proposals: