Advanced Usage of the C++23 Stacktrace Library

James Pascoe

⏱ 20 minute session
14:00-14:20, Friday, 19th April 2024
The C++23 Stacktrace library provides a standardised way of generating stacktrace listings at runtime. This brings many benefits in terms of debugging, understanding compiler behaviour and learning. By knowing how and when to use the stacktrace library, programmers can gain a new depth of insight into their code.

The talk begins by providing an introduction to the library and then explaining the subtleties relating to its usage and API. The talk then goes beyond the basics by demonstrating the library's usage in concurrent i.e. multi-threaded and coroutine based programs before providing links to further information and a look ahead to what remains to be done.

Source code for all of the examples will be made available on GitHub, the intention being to provide the audience with a starting point for their own experimentation.

🏷 C++23
🏷 stacktrace
🏷 debugging
🏷 concurrency

James Pascoe

I love all things related to Modern C++. I also enjoy Linux Kernel coding, particularly in the area of networking, code optimisation and low-level development.

I am an embedded programmer who has worked for Blu Wireless, Intel, STMicroelectronics and U4EA Technologies.