Creating a Sender/Receiver HTTP Server

Dietmar Kühl

⏱ 90 minute session
09:30-11:00, Saturday, 20th April 2024
The sender/receiver framework for asynchronous operations in C++ is well on its way towards standardization. Previously, the theoretical background and implementation of the framework was shown, but there wasn't much detail on how an application using sender/receiver would look.

This presentation will demonstrate how to create a simple HTTP server using the sender/receiver framework with matching networking senders, together with a coroutine task and an async scope. The goal is to demonstrate that the use of an asynchronous framework doesn't necessarily lead to excessive complexity when using C++'s facilities effectively. The resulting server could be embedded into any application, e.g., to inspect its state or change configurations.

🏷 coroutines
🏷 sender/receiver
🏷 asynchronous

Dietmar Kühl

Dietmar Kühl is a senior software developer at Bloomberg, where he works on the data distribution environment used both internally and by enterprise installations at clients. Before joining Bloomberg, he did consulting for software projects mainly in the finance sector. He is a regular attendee of the ANSI/ISO C++ standards committee (WG21) and presents at conferences. He used to be a moderator of the newsgroup comp.lang.c++.moderated and frequently answers questions on Stack Overflow.