#include on a diet

Gabriel Diaconita

⏱ 90 minute session
14:30-16:00, Saturday, 20th April 2024
C++ modules are the future but, for now, we still have to deal with #include directives - a lot of them...

This directive continues to play an essential role in bringing essential components into our C++ code. As our project grows, so does the risk of #include bloat; they are easy to add but hard to remove, why so? must it be?

In this talk, we'll examine a simple yet effective strategy for jettisoning #includes from your projects; we will showcase real-world data, identify common pitfalls & gotchas, and explore the impact of #include optimizations on build times and codebase maintainability. One will be surprised at how many thousands superfluous inclusions there are in a mature million-LOC codebase.

Gabriel Diaconita

A seasoned software developer and C++ enthusiast with over ten years of experience in the industry; passionate about crafting efficient and maintainable code. Co-authored Clang Power Tools, a tool loved and used by many who want access to LLVM goodies in Visual Studio.

As Technology Lead at Caphyon, has been enjoying the full experience of using both legacy and modern C++ to develop class-leading software packaging products on the Windows platform. This experience is regularly shared with students at his Alma Mater, the University of Craiova, as a guest lecturer.