Rewiring your brain - with Test Driven Thinking

Phil Nash

⏱ 90 minute session
14:00-15:30, Friday, 19th April 2024
We all say we should write tests, or at least we should write more of them.

But we never seem to have the time, and our focus is on the actual problems we’re trying to solve. Nobody wants to be bogged down by busy work.

What if all of that was wrong?

What if tests could save you time, improve your focus - and even be fun!

In this talk we’ll dig into some of the psychology of how we work, how we improve, and how we can harness a test driven thinking approach to supercharge our productivity!

🏷 Tests
🏷 Psychology

Phil Nash

Phil is the original author of the C++ test framework, Catch2. As Developer Advocate at Sonar he's interested in Clean Code and using static analysis to help you get there. He's also a member of the ISO C++ standards committee, organiser of C++ London and C++ on Sea, as well as co-host and producer of CppCast. More generally he's an advocate for good testing practices, TDD and using the type system and functional techniques to reduce complexity and increase correctness. He's previously worked in Finance and Mobile offers training and coaching in TDD for C++.