Safety, Security, Safety[sic] and C/C++[sic]

Herb Sutter

⏱ 90 minute keynote
09:00-10:30, Wednesday, 17th April 2024
As the world’s threats and dangers evolve, so too must our tools. Sometimes a tool can evolve sufficiently to be useful in a new environment. Other times, a tool has to be used less or exchanged for a different one.

This talk addresses several questions:

  • Why does the title say “safety” twice?
  • Why is “C/C++” an essential term to embrace, not avoid?
  • Is distinguishing “C vs C++” a True Scotsman problem?
  • What is recognizably “C++” as C++ continues to evolve?
  • Why hope for major improvement in C, C++, and C/C++?

Finally, the talk will also cover a few other updates about other C++ evolution (including reflection!) and from my personal ongoing experiment with my cppfront compiler.

Herb Sutter

Author, chair of the ISO C++ committee, software architect at Microsoft.