Welcome to the meta::[[verse]]!

Inbal Levi

⏱ 90 minute keynote
09:00-10:30, Thursday, 18th April 2024
With a proposal slated to introduce reflection to C++26 (including the “std::meta” namespace) getting strong support in WG21, we can already start imagining a whole new world of possibilities. In this session, we will dive into reflection and its transformative potential within our codebases.

We will start with an introduction of utilities from the reflection proposal.

Then, we delve deeper into practical applications and demonstrate solutions to problems that commonly use reflection and the power it holds.

For the last part, we will explore the possibilities within “Reflection Libraries". This includes both “traditional” libraries which provide functionality, and more “novel” approaches which reshape users’ code. We will look at examples of what such libraries can cover, and demonstrate potential directions the future holds.

Join us as we traverse the meta::[[verse]]

🏷 C++26
🏷 reflection
🏷 std::meta

Inbal Levi

​Inbal Levi is a Lead Software Engineer at Millennium (MPGC Services Ltd) with an interest in code readability, compilers, language and software design. She is an active member of the ISO C++ Standards Committee as Library Evolution Work Group Chair, and as the ISO C++ Israeli NB Chair.

Inbal is also a director at ISO C++ Foundation and the Boost Foundation and puts effort into evolving both the local and international C++ communities, as an organizer of the CoreC++ conference and meetup group, and as the program chair of C++Now.