Code Red: Navigating the Minefield of Security Programming Blunders

Gregg jaskiewicz

⏱ 90 minute session
16:00-17:30, Thursday, 18th April 2024
"Code Red" is a dynamic 90-minute exploration of the most infamous security programming mishaps in tech history.

This talk delves into the critical errors that led to major breaches, from SQL injections to the notorious Heart-bleed and Equifax hacks. Alongside these cautionary tales, we'll share humorous anecdotes of surprising security lapses, adding a lighter touch to the serious subject matter.

The session concludes with best practices in secure programming, emphasising the importance of proactive measures in cybersecurity.

Attendees will gain insights into past mistakes and practical strategies to enhance their security acumen in the digital world.

🏷 security
🏷 programming
🏷 hacking
🏷 safety

Gregg jaskiewicz

Hacker, software engineer, tinkerer. Freelance software developer focused on security and related subjects.