This task could have been a script

Fred Tingaud

⏱ 90 minute session
14:00-15:30, Thursday, 18th April 2024
Some days, a few lines of scripting will save you hours of tedious manual work. Some others, you can get sidetracked into spending hours trying to automate something that could have been done in a few minutes manually...

Where do we draw the line? Some people say that 1h of scripting should save you at least 1h of manual work over the next few years to be valuable, but is it really the only parameter to take into account? When is automating a manual task a good idea and when is it just a distraction?

In this session, we'll try to think of all the value automating can bring and all the costs it entails. We might not end up with a simple equation like "time spent < time saved" to help us make easy decisions, but we'll have a more complete vision of what is at stake. And perhaps we'll find convincing arguments for our manager next time we want to wander a bit!

🏷 tooling
🏷 scripting
🏷 best practices

Fred Tingaud

Fred builds tools to help you write better code. By day he works at SonarSource on static code analysis. By night, he maintains Quick Bench and Build Bench, two website to micro benchmark runtime and buildtime of C++ code.