Writing a base level library for safety critical code

Anthony Williams

⏱ 90 minute session
11:30-13:00, Saturday, 20th April 2024
For "safety critical" software, if something goes wrong, somebody might die. This is a very focused definition of "safety", and comes with a lot of consequences. Developers of safety-critical applications need to ensure that not only does their software behaves in a predictable fashion, but that the behaviour of the software does not put anyone's life in danger. This has consequences for the development methodology used, the coding standards applied, and the design of the system.

In this talk, I will discuss my experience writing a base level library providing common functions and classes to safety critical applications running in a modern car. This will cover:

  • tools used
  • testing methodology
  • coding standards
  • approaches to error handling
  • impacts on design
🏷 safety
🏷 automotive
🏷 quality
🏷 coding standards
🏷 design
🏷 testing

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams is the author of C++ Concurrency In Action, and a developer with over 20 years of experience, mostly using C++. He has been involved in the C++ standardization process since 2001, and spent many years as a consultant and trainer.

He currently works for Woven by Toyota, writing in-vehicle software for the next generation of Toyota cars.